[QUOTE = Marpo; 460 685] A film by Robert Aldrich . With Lee Marvin , Ernest Borgnine , Charles Bronson , Jim Brown , John Cassavetes . Original title The Dirty Dozen . Guerra, length 149 'min. US-UK- 1967 Twelve criminals, sentenced to death or long prison, are recruited in 1944 to be part of a command intended for a suicide mission against the Germans. The universe as a war criminal. In R. Aldrich representation of this argument succeeds well especially in part 1; in the 2nd one falls into bragging. An admirable gallery of actors. There is a perverse fascination in the underlying paradox: these criminals are redeemed by taking actions that are far more repulsive than those for which they were convicted. J. Cassavetes was an actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nomination. Screenplay by Nunnally Johnson and Lukas Helle on a novel by EM Nathanson.Allegato 168413
War is a game of crazy, Aldrich seems to say, but a game that can bring out the best even from the worst scum. Ambiguous, dirty, politically scorrettissimo and warmonger, but with a rhythm and an unsurpassed cynicism. Energy to spare and great cast, held together by Lee Marvin.Il Our forum has ranked among the 10 war movies to forget, but I think that this film, made in a time when movies really stupid and trivial co-production
Italian-Spanish and French have equal success, and 'long above the average. The viewer has that fun, loving kind. PaoloM
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