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Discussione: German Militaria Book

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    Jun 2007

    German Militaria Book

    Ciao Amici,
    Myself and Lucas will be releasing a book on German militaria in a couple of months. We have been working on this book for a year or more and I think we are ready to be done! haha Uniforms, weaponry, personal items, headgear, ephemera, equipment and fully dressed mannequins and other items will be within. We appreciate all that have been of help with the book and look forward to seeing it in your hands.
    Best to all, Arditi
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    Re: German Militaria Book

    Per chi non mastica l'inglese,
    Russ e io stiamo da circa un anno anno lavorando a questo libro che parla delle Uniformi,
    equipaggiamenti, armi, copricapi, effetti personali, etc. dell'esercito tedesco durante la seconda
    guerra mondiale. dovremmo riuscire a pubblicarlo fra due mesi circa.
    Naturalmente ringraziamo gli amici come der graf che ci hanno aiutato con le loro belle collezioni
    alla realizzazione dell'opera. Grazie a tutti.
    Ciao, Luca.

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    Re: German Militaria Book

    Ciao Gentlemen,
    The book goes into edit this Friday. We are basically finished and I am tweeking a page or two until Friday's edit start (28th June). Myself and my co-author Luca (from Italy) want to do a pre-order to get as many copies paid for before we take the finished data to the printers. If we can get at least 20 orders we can move forward. I will put money on top of these 20 orders as well. Today, I went back to talk to the printer as the earlier cost estimate is "out the window" now. The book has grown from 500 to 600 pages!
    So, 600 pages with 150 in full digital color. They will be spiral bound, and according to the printer, will have the largest commercial coil available. The cost to me is over $100.00 a copy! I'm hoping the pre-order will soften the damage to my finances. ha The initial pre-orders will have $10.00 shaved from the final price. So...drum roll here...the pre-order price is $149.00 each (this will jump to $159.00 later), $9.00 tax additionally for Texas (no out of State tax) and $15.00 shipping ($30.00 shipping to Europe) within the United States. Ok, that means pre-order price...$173.00 in Texas, $164.00 within the United States and $179.00 to continental Europe. Yes, I am wincing as well. The low print run is what drives the price up. I am only able to do a few at a time and I do this for fun. I am not a business. What will you get:

    1) 600 pages of German WWII military and history.
    2) 150 pages in full digital color. The uniforms, helmets, other headgear, mannequins, "before and after" campaign pages and some gear selections will be in color.
    3) 60-70 pages of the pre-war development and history of Germany and the WWII history. By gunboards "own" Gunnar Abramson. He has thrown away his porn career, due the advent of the internet, and has focused on academia and writing now. (wink) Gunnar has written for Skennerton and others. He was co-author of the Japan at War militaria books, (2 book series).
    4) 45 mannequin pages in full original uniforms and gear.
    5) 50 pages of period photographs.
    6) Pistols, rifles, submachine guns, grenades, panzerfausts, machine guns, tanks(thank you Steve!), etc.
    7) Period equipment and gear worn by the German Army, SS and Luftwaffe troops.
    Luftwaffe, SS and Army ground troops uniforms, headgear and camouflage is surveyed.
    9) Ephemera to include period combat magazine articles, death notices, letters to family from commanders...to the bereaved, induction notice, SS wehrpass data , soldbuch data, letter to SS man in hospital, etc
    10) Foot-wear, cold weather and tropical items, personal items, rations, captured items, leaflets
    11) Attempt at incorporating an emotional element as well. This IS NOT an apologist work.

    This book had help from Wehrmacht Awards, Gunboards, Italy, France, Low Countries, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, Australia, United States, etc. It is a year of late nights and weekends, sitting in front of a computer, taking photographs outside, gathering photographs from other collectors, conversing on Skype, emails and wondering if this was worth it! haha Certainly, it was done for love of the militaria collecting hobby!
    So...kick me an email at arditi(at)suddenlink.net for my address for the money order. We need at least 20 orders to proceed and you get $10.00 bucks off as well this pre-order. The book will probably finish it's pre-order when the edit finishes. 3 weeks I am estimating. So, at the 15th of July it goes to the printer (they are pretty quick at putting them together), pre-ordering ends and I take what money I have to the printer. This may be the only print run as they are exhorbitant in price. My apologies Gents. Sign up here and kick me an email for my address to send your payment and I will list you here as anonymous or with your name. Any questions let me know! Off we go!
    In Friendly scholarship, Russ (Arditi) and Luca

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    Re: German Militaria Book

    Impressive! Looking forward to see it!

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